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*** WSIB and Liability Insurance will be provided before the start of work.

Vanier Area in Ottawa Ontario

In Ottawa, Ontario, Canada’s east end, the Rideau-Vanier Ward is home to a community known as Vanier, which was originally known as Eastview. The neighbourhood has a long history of being working class and francophone. Prior to its incorporation into Ottawa in 2001, it existed as a distinct city. It no longer has a population that is predominantly of French origin. In the early 1980s, there were 63% of the population who spoke French. By 2012, that number had dropped to fewer than 40%. [source: missing citation] The community may be found on the opposite side of the Rideau River from Lowertown and Sandy Hill, as well as directly south of Rockcliffe Park, New Edinburgh, Lindenlea, and Manor Park. The suburban areas of Gloucester may be found to the east of Vanier Ontario. The population of Vanier is packed into a very compact space due to the town’s high population density.

Eastview was established as a community in 1908 after the settlements of Janeville, Clarkstown, and Clandeboye were combined to form a single entity. In 1913, Eastview became a town once it was established. At one point in time, it was a well-liked location among public workers who want to reside at a greater distance from the central business district. After some time, there was a significant inflow of French Canadians, and the neighbourhood eventually became the primary French-speaking district in the capital.

The Eastview Birth Control Trial, which took place from 1936 to 1937, captured the attention of the whole country during the Great Depression. This was due to the fact that Eastview transformed into a public platform for national discussions on birth control during this time period. When Dorothea Palmer was jailed for providing information about birth control to the more impoverished neighbourhoods that were primarily Catholic, it sparked a significant debate that eventually erupted. Later, in 1963, it was incorporated as a city, and two years later, in 1969, it was renamed after Georges Vanier, who had recently passed away and been made Governor-General of Canada.

At the crossroads of Marier Avenue, Dagmar Avenue, and Hannah Street in Eastview, the City of Eastview put up a memorial in their honour. This memorial is dedicated to the residents of Eastview who sacrificed their lives while serving their country in times of war.

Vanier Area in Ottawa Ontario

About Vanier

Vanier, formerly Eastview, is a neighbourhood in the Rideau-Vanier Ward of the east end of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Historically francophone and working class, the neighbourhood was a separate city until being amalgamated into Ottawa in 2001. It no longer has a majority francophone population. By 2012 its francophone population had shrunk to less than 40% from 63% in the early 1980s. The neighbourhood is located on the east bank of the Rideau River, across from the neighbourhoods of Lowertown and Sandy Hill, and just south of Rockcliffe Park, New Edinburgh, Lindenlea, and Manor Park.

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They do great work and my kitchen hood is super clean again. Thank you
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Can't say enough good things about Ottawa Hood Cleaning. They know the restaurant business. They know what restaurant owners want and need. They kept the kitchen disruption to a minimum and were in and out within half a day. Great work. Thank you
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