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Nepean, Ontario Canada

Nepean is a huge district that is primarily made up of residential neighbourhoods, and it is bounded on all sides by the Ottawa River as well as waterfront parks. These include the neighbouring Dick Bell Park, which looks out over a harbour and has Andrew Haydon Park, which is known for its tranquil pathways and bandshell. The Log Farm recreates what life was like for pioneers in the 1800s and features animals that visitors may pet as well as maple syrup. Both the Bayshore Shopping Centre and the Merivale Mall plaza include some well-known clothing chains as tenants.

Nepean (/npin/ n-PEE-n) was formerly a municipality in the city of Ottawa in the province of Ontario, Canada, and is now a geographic region there. It was an autonomous city until it was merged with the Regional Municipality of Ottawa–Carleton in 2001, at which point it became the new city of Ottawa and is located to the west of the central business district of Ottawa. Despite this, many continue to refer to the region as Nepean even though it is no longer officially recognized. Nepean has around 186,593 residents as of the most recent census (2021 Census).

Nepean was home to notable enterprises such as Nortel Networks, JDS Uniphase, and Gandalf Technologies, despite the fact that the neighbouring municipality of Kanata served as the commercial and high-tech hub of the region. However, like like the rest of the National Capital Region, Nepean’s economy was primarily reliant on jobs provided by the federal government. The majority of Nepean’s working population is required to travel into downtown Ottawa or Kanata for their jobs.

When compared to the budget philosophies of some of the other local towns, Nepean’s principles of prudent budgeting for both operating and capital expenditures stood out as unique. A stringent ‘pay-as-you-go’ budgeting system was implemented by Nepean. The city went into the merger with a significant surplus and a track record of fiscal responsibility regarding taxation. On the other hand, the Regional Municipality of Ottawa-Carleton was in charge of the majority of the expensive municipal infrastructure projects (such as public transportation, waste collection, sanitary sewers, water, arterial highways, and social services). It had its own library system from 1954 until it was merged with another in the 1990s; it had its own police force from 1964 until the 1990s, when it was regionalized; it had its own fire department; and it had its own recreation activities. The Hydro-Electric Commission of the City of Nepean was in charge of providing hydro services (commonly referred to as Nepean Hydro). Carleton Board of Education was responsible for the provision of educational services within the City of Nepean (later amalgamated with the Ottawa Board of Education to form the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board).

Kanata Ontario Canada

Before the cities were merged, the City Council of Nepean fiercely campaigned against what they (and their allies) called to as the “megacity” plan. This effort cost a significant amount of public money. The promotion of a tri-city model was the central tenet of the strategy. This model would have resulted in the reduction of the ten municipalities that make up the Ottawa region to three: one in the west (comprising Nepean, Kanata, and the western rural municipalities), one in the east (comprising Gloucester, Cumberland, and the eastern rural municipalities), and one in the centre (comprising Ottawa, Vanier and Rockcliffe Park). These attempts were fruitless since, in the end, the model of a single city was successful. (Glen Shortliffe, who was commissioned by the Government of Ontario to research the topic of municipal reform in Ottawa-Carleton, suggested the one-city model as a solution to the problem of municipal governance in Ottawa-Carleton.)

About Nepean

Nepean ( nə-PEE-ən) is a former municipality and now geographic area of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Located west of Ottawa's inner core, it was an independent city until amalgamated with the Regional Municipality of Ottawa–Carleton in 2001 to become the new city of Ottawa. However, the name Nepean continues in common usage in reference to the area. The population of Nepean is about 186,593 people (2021 Census). Although the neighbouring municipality of Kanata formed the entrepreneurial and high tech centre of the region, Nepean hosted noted industries such as Nortel Networks, JDS Uniphase and Gandalf Technologies.

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